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Dienstag, Juli 25, 2006 

Schlechtes Auto - gute Kunst - gutes Geld!

James Cauty (The KLF) hat es geschafft. Der Beweis ist erbracht: Schlechtes Auto = gute Kunst = gutes Geld = Unkostenerstattung.
Oder mit anderen Worten, 'Realexistierender Kunstsozialismus'? Egal:
"Well, me and Steve and Gimpo went into the car dealer’s office and we sat down at his table and its all very friendly. He said he didn’t have a clue what we were on about, but yeah ok, he’d give me 4K for the piece 'cos he doesn’t really want to go to court and neither do I. Trouble is he didn’t have any money on him. So then Steve said he’d loan Mr. Berryman the 4K so Mr. Berryman gave me the cash and Steve got an IOU. Then Steve gave the IOU back to Mr. Berryman and got the Bad Art piece in exhange. Well anyway…we all got confused especially when at the last minute Steve decided to charge one pound interest on the loan. But it was great…cash everywhere…all over the table. It was like some weird game of poker and I’m not quite sure how it happened but I won the jackpot." (via)

Hier zur Vorgeschichte dieser wunderbar britischen Kunstposse.

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